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Have you been looking for Timberland boots? If you are not sure whether to go for them or not, then here is a post that can help you with that. Again, if you are thinking- are timberlands slip-resistant, then read this column until the end to get a fair idea of it.

For starters, Timberland has been making professional shoes ever since 1952. Their prime focus is to manufacture outdoor wear shoes that are slip-resistant, hardy, and anti-fatigue.

With the latest technology and creativity, they have come up with shoes that are high-quality and yet super comfy to wear. If you still are not convinced, then we have answered some more queries that you can have a look at.

Are All Timberlands Slip Resistant?

Yes, most Timberland shoes are slip resistant. Mention has to be made about the Pro Line collection from Timberland is totally slip-resistant. Most of their boots can support you while walking on wet and snowy surfaces with ease.

However, the definition of a slip-resistant shoe could be subjective. It may differ as per the industry you work in. For example, your job may require you to take long walks in the wild, you can be a rancher or even work in the oil and gas industry that exposes shoes to the harshest of chemicals.

Under such circumstances, you may need something more rugged and long-lasting. Hence you must first know what slip-resistant means in the first place. Yes, they have rubber soles; but pay attention to the specifications you may need.

These boots primarily keep your feet dry and comfortable in all conditions. Nonetheless, just remember that new shoes may seem more slippery due to their smooth soles. Once, they start wearing down, you will get your groove back for sure.

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How Can I Tell If A Shoe Is Slip Resistant?

You know what, I have found the best way to find out if a shoe is slip-resistant on its own. What I do is take a look at the sole, especially when ordering online. I look at the grooves as they can facilitate channeling any kind of liquid under the shoes.

This also further serves to maintain your upright posture. This in turn keeps the pressure off your back. Not to mention, this protects you from a lot of unwanted medical bills. This is why I say, be careful while investing in a pair of shoes. They may look like just a pair, but they are equally important.

This goes right for professionals like us that spend a lump sum amount of time out in the meadow. You must choose wisely, depending on your work environment. This will keep you safe and you will be comfortable on your toes.

If you are procuring them from a brick-and-mortar shop, then ensure that you test-drive them for a while. Yes, wear them and walk around for some time to make sure that they are absolutely the ones you want. Just try them!

do timberlands have good grip

Do Timberlands Have Good Grip?

Yes, Timberland boots have a good grip. They are foremost into manufacturing shoes for the hardcore professionals that sweat it out in the field. This is why their shoes are hardy and durable.

The sole of their shoes is made from softer rubber that offers you with really good floor grip. They do not disappoint you when it comes to treading through mud, oil, grease, and moisture. I know this, as Timberland has never let me down at least. As a result, you expect maximum performance from Timberland shoes.

This means you can wear them bravely to a construction site, ranch, or warehouse for work. They are safe and can keep your feet protected at any cost. You do not have to worry about slipping, tripping, or falling off with these shoes.

Are Timberlands Good For Rain?

Timberland happens to be one of the most prestigious companies in the world of shoe manufacturing business. Owing to their advanced engineering of rubber soles, Timberland boots are considered to be safe for rain.

Okay, now this does not necessarily mean that all their boots are waterproof. This implies that their boots can withstand a lot and taking care of your shoes can help in the long run. Using a shoe tree and polishing them on a regular (after they have dried out) can help them last out.

Besides, polishing your boots with wax can categorically help them sustain water damage. Wax will eventually, protect your boots and make them endurable. Doesn’t this sound like a plan?

How Do I Make My Boots Slip Resistant?

See, the best way around this is to add a solution of salt and glue to the sole of your boots. This will improve its grip and traction to a considerable level. Just let this mixture dry and you will be good to go.

This adds a grainy texture to your boots that can turn them slip-resistant permanently. This way you can make certain that you are saved from slipping and can evade a major accident.

You may also use hairspray that works like an adhesive and enhances the traction of your boots. Alternatively, you may also try getting grip pads that can make things work for you. The best thing is to scuff the soles with an abrasive substance and trust me, I prefer this option to any other.

Pro Tip

Moreover, you can also keep one thing in mind while purchasing a pair of boots, then look for SATRA ratings. As per, ASTM F2913 standards this rating suggests that the shoes are super slip-resistant and you have nothing to worry about.

According to them, this is a stamp that certifies the shoes have undergone testing under stringent procedures. Shoes have been tested in both contaminated and dry conditions.

They will not fail you when required and you can put in your trust into shoes that bear this mark. Of course, it is a sign of quality that should not be compromised by people that work in the field. Be it a survivalist, rancher, farmer, or oil and gas employee, you need to make sure that your shoes are secured and have got you covered.  

In short, Timberland boots can keep your toes protected and provide you with good support at the same time. Come on, cut them slack, as they are into this business for a long time.

I believe, we have answered all your questions pertaining to – our timberlands slip-resistant. You are good to go and can finally take that call for investing in these boots. If you have, then let us know via the comments section how are liking them.

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