Are Timberlands Vegan – everything you need to know

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If you are a man and a fashion freak, there is no good reason not to know about the world-famous timberland boots. But they have manufactured leather boots for a long time now, and they are not probably changing their minds or hearts anytime soon.

But the most important thing is that they created a canvas pair of their stylistic choice. We remain at the question of, whether are timberlands vegan.

For now, the answer is no. But the good news is that they manufactured a Timberland Men’s Premium Fabric Boot. It has been out for almost a year now, and the constructive criticism is taken very well. This is how close we are to Timberland becoming vegan.

Are timberlands made of suede or leather?

Well, we have all seen the iconic Timberland Yellow Boot, and let’s be honest we couldn’t take our eyes off it. It is made of nubuck leather like most of the other Timberland footwear. But they use a wide range of materials to ensure that every pair of boots gives the most comfort. And yes, they use both leather and suede.

The thing is like about Timberland is that they focus on working with leathers that are sourced from gold-rated or LWG silver tanneries as they follow the best environmental practices. In this section, we are going to discuss what timberland boots are made of.

  • Uppers: The decision to choose the leather depends solely on the boot type. Like they are different types of Timberland boots meant for hiking, working, fashion, or leisure. For example, heavy full-grain leathers are hard, tough, and durable, but it will be too much for a work boot. Suede has an elegant feel and look, but it is also not appropriate for a work boot.
  • Inners: Timberland inners are made of glove leather that is softer and smoother. It blends into the lining, and it will provide the structure and strength of leather.
  • Soles: The soles of timberland boots are made of injection-molded rubber to provide the best durability, waterproofing, and maximum grip.

Where are real Timberlands made?

Timberland boots are made only in three countries: China, Dominican Republic, and the United States. In most cases, China is the source country of replicas. But, don’t get me wrong, China also produces real branded shoes. If you see any China mark on any timberland, don’t get confused, it is real.

Lastly, a serious note, don’t buy anything that is a mark of either Vietnam or Thailand. Most of the copied shoes are made in these countries. Finally, these shoes get into the fake shoe market in the United States.

That’s why it will be wise if you follow our website to stay away from fakes and replicas.

How to spot fake Timberland Boots?

With beauty comes a great price. Someone unknown said it. And I guess that is true. With the insatiable demand for timberland boots, some people are reproducing fake versions of them. The fake products may look real, but many telltale signs will help you recognize the real ones.

  • Check the box: Timberland boots always come with a sturdy box made of recycled materials. The brown rectangle-shaped box portrays the brand’s name. You can find all the information about your boot, like footprint, color, and style, on the side of the box. You have to make sure that all the details match your shoe accurately.
  • Checking the tag: The fake boots are always sold in fraudulent online vendors and stores. They always place a barcode over the tag attached to the eyelet—a pretty sick move. Barcodes on labels are always a standard detail for every product. But Timberland never printed barcodes on eyelet tags, and perhaps they never will.
  • Checking the logo: A logo is so easy to copy and print. They can easily print it at the outer heel side of the shoes or the tongue. But there still be slight differences and discrepancies in their color, spacing, and shape.
  • Inspecting the stitch: The real Timberland boots will always flaunt the outstanding quality of the stitch. It is evenly spaced in four lines over the whole boot. The thread color will also match the shoe color for a cleaner finish.
  • The texture and weight: The genuine Timberland boots will always not only feel good but look amazing too. You can simply inspect them before buying them. As they are made of leather, high-grade rubber, suede, etc., they are sure to feel a bit heavy. If it feels light, you know what it means.

Are timberland boots made from animals?

Timberland does not sell boots made of domestic or wild animals which were ruthlessly killed for their hides. Timberland and VF Corporation sternly outlaw all types of animal fur which includes Angora rabbit wool.

Shearling, sheepskin, and fleece are considered and specified as hides with hair follicles attached to the leather.

Thus, they are not included in the actual meaning of prohibited fur. Timberland uses a fixed amount of these materials in its boots. As far as the concern with leather, they are sourced primarily from sheep, and the sheep are raised for food.

Are Timberland boots eco-friendly?

We all know that VF Corporation owns Timberland. They use some eco-friendly materials that include recycled materials as well. They have a determined goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company also generates some of the gases from its supply chain and operations. The company also uses recycled packaging. But there is no mere evidence that they minimize textile waste when they are manufacturing their products.

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What is the green dot on the bottom of Timberland boots?

A green dot means Green rubber technology. Timberland is the first shoe and boot company that commercializes green rubber technology. Recycled soles are the most recent initiative for the company. The sustainability blends well with the rough-hewn image.

some of the Best Vegan Timberlands Boots

To make your work easier, we have included the two best vegan Timberland Boots. They are the best sellers and have won the hearts of vegans worldwide. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1#. Dr. Martens Men’s Combs Washed Canvas Combat Boot

Have you ever wanted to make a memorable entrance every time you walk into a room? Then this Combat Boot from Dr. Martens is the right choice for you.

  • Style: The boots feature an industrial style and are sure to blend in really well in every outdoor situation. Even the first glance gives a strong impression over the mind of onlookers—the reason why is that the boot is well constructed and flaunts a lavish look.
  • Untouchable: These chunky soles platforms won’t only give you looks but also make you feel untouchable. As the company has grooved edges and rugged treads, they will help you to walk confidentially. They are fat, oil, abrasion, and slip-resistant. So they make you feel untouchable because you are.
  • Classic Doc’s DNA: This pair of boots retain all DNA from their classic Docs, and it could not be any better. It has a scripted-heel loop, visible stitching, and grooved edges. It is made out of nylon and features synthetic soles.


  • It is resistant to slip and abrasion.
  • It features a classic and beautiful look.
  • It feels soft from the inside.
  • It has synthetic soles.


  • The outer eyelet is plastic.

2#. Dr. Martens Men’s Vegan 2976 Chelsea Boot

I can agree that lace-up boots are good, but sometimes they are just too much work. So there is nothing wrong with choosing the no-lace boots, and this one is just as amazing as lace-up boots.

  • Versatile: This Chelsea Boot is famous from dr. Martens because they are versatile. The slip-on design makes them super easy to put on and take off, which the heel loop aids. You would be surprised to know that the rounded toes will give your feet more room to breathe.
  • Androgynous: This pair of boots is androgynous, which means you can share them with your friends or partner without worrying about their gender. Additionally, you can wear high-ankle boots anywhere in any setting.
  • Materials: The boots have synthetic uppers, which are leather-like, and you can easily mistake them for real leather. But these are vegan boots, right? They are made of matte Felix Rub Off and glossy Oxford Rub Off. Regardless of what version you choose, they sure are to give you comfort.


  • Easy to wear slip-on boots.
  • It features two-tone synthetic leather.
  • It has air-cushioned soles.
  • It is abrasion and slip-resistant.


  • The size kind of runs small.


Hope we can give you the details about Timberland being vegan. We tried answering every relevant question about it.  Timberland shoes have a lot of cool features, and they are eco-friendly. There is no doubt about that. I hope you got all the answers you needed on are Timberland is vegan or not.

We also included two reviews of vegan boots, so you don’t have to spend time researching which boot to buy.

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